Goat Milk Soap

Hart Nana’s Goat’s Milk Soap is handcrafted just outside of Preston Idaho in the Cache Valley. Our all natural soap is made with fresh, raw goats milk. Each three and a half ounce bar of handmade goat milk soap contains at least one ounce of raw goats milk by volume.

Hart Nana’s goat milk soap is made with all natural simple ingredients such as olive oil, vegetable fats or lard, lye, coconut oil, oatmeal, organic orange peals, almonds, honey, lavender bits, calendula petals, and essential oils that have therapeutic applications.

The benefits of using homemade goat milk soaps over natural soap are that raw goats milk contains alpha hydroxy acids like lactic acid and glycolic acid that gently clean and remove dead skin cells from your body leaving your skin looking younger and feeling smoother. Removing the dead skin cells may help improve certain skin conditions that are caused because of irritation, such as acne. It has also been shown to sooth psoriasis and eczema.

Homemade goat milk soaps have vitamins and minerals that have been shown to smooth wrinkles and lines, and protect against skin cancer. The cream in goat’s milk soap is a very skin friendly moisturizer allowing you to clean your skin and moisturize at the same time.

All of our soaps are handcrafted with fresh raw goat’s milk from our favorite girl goats who enjoy a wonderful life here in Cache Valley and are dearly loved. Each bar contains more than one third fresh, raw goat’s milk by volume. Pamper yourself or as a gift for a friend, Hart Nana’s Goat’s Milk Soap is sure to be a treasured discovery. Most people who have tried our soap don’t want to use anything else. Customer Rave Reviews



Hart Nana started out a world traveler living in cities and discovered her love of country living later in life. She loves to share her homesteading adventures and what she has learned in hopes that it might better your life and encourage you.


  1. Karen Hann

    Hi there.

    I really love your soap and have made it forever it feels. I have only one issue and thats when I add essential oils to the recipe the scent disipitates over the 4 week drying period and it becomes a scentless soap. To your recipe I tend to use one essential oil only as I’m not very good at blending so the strongest and nicest scents I’ve used are Lemongrass and Geranium Rose. I would use 50ml in each batch. The house smells divine for weeks. I’m using my latest batch now and there is only a very fine hint of smell. Is there a fixative I can use to retain the scent or can you suggest a nice blend of scents that would last or am I not using enough essential oil?

  2. Hartnana

    Karen, as far as I can tell from a bit of research, that if you put the essential oil on kaolin clay then add that to your batch of soap it should hold the scent longer. I have not done this my self (yet – but am certainly going to give it a try next time I make soap) so I can’t tell you how much clay to add. You can read about the benefits of Kaolin Clay over here: http://benefitof.net/benefits-of-kaolin-clay/



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