I have an admission to make. I have been coveting a really cool crinkle edged soap cutting knife for a long time. Those wavy ends on bars of home made soap are just so attractive.

For the longest time I thought this little soap cutting knife was going to be outlandishly expensive, I’m not too sure why, but turns out they are fairly cheap! So watch out world, Hart Nana’s Goat Milk Soap isn’t going to have just any old edge it will now have the beautiful, more professional looking wavy edge, now that I have my very own Dezine Black Handled Crinkle Cut Soap Cutting Knife.

Can you just see it now? You are dumping out your fresh made lovely batch of handcrafted soap from its mold, you reach over and instead of the regular straight edged knife or wire that  you have been using, you reach for your very own black handled crinkle cut soap cutting knife. It is fairly light in your hand as you move over toward the pristine soap. You press the crinkled blade against the smooth soap applying an even amount of pressure,the knife slides through the soap like hot steel through butter. Setting your soap up to finish curing you are smugly struck with the thought, I made those professional looking bars of soap and know that any one who receives such a piece of art from you will remark how clever you are.

The amazing Dezine Black Handled Crinkle Cut Soap Cutting Knife could be in your soap making tool kit as soon as tomorrow if you order yours today.

soap cutting knife

  • Heavy gauge aluminum
  • A smooth, easy-to-grasp black handle
  • This stainless steel wave slicer with black handle has a wavy blade for extra special cutting of vegetables and other items
  • Use to trim the edges of hand-made ravioli, make crinkle cut French fries, wave cut vegetables like carrots and zucchini or if you’re got a steady hand, make potato gaufrettes
  • Easy and fun to use

Who knew you could have so much fun for under $10!

Watch as she uses a crinkle cut knife to cut her soap.  You can find these type of soap loaf cutting trays here


Hart Nana started out a world traveler living in cities and discovered her love of country living later in life. She loves to share her homesteading adventures and what she has learned in hopes that it might better your life and encourage you.

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