Bee sting pain – it’s the worst right?

The other day I was out watering my garden, minding my own business. The grass was admittedly high, and my neighbor, God bless his soul, keeps bees. Lots and lots of bees. While I love that there are tons of bees in my garden, it is hard to always be aware of where those little Mabels are hanging out.

Yes, I call all foraging bees Mabel.

What Happened To Get Stung By A Bee To Start With

So there I was, watering my flowers among the clover, in my sandals, when suddenly I felt a burning sensation on my right little pinky toe. And then the pain got worse. Until it was almost unbearable.

insanely simple trick to end bee sting pain

Bee Sting Pain Relief

At this point I’m running into the house looking for my essential oil stash. Okay, so maybe it was more like hobbling quickly. Bee stings are so painful. And it has been over a decade since I was last stung even though I had kept bees myself during that time frame.

The magic combo to get ride of bee sting pain? Lavender and Tea Tree Oil.

I kid you not. The combination of the two essential oils gave me immediate pain relief! No carrier oils just dumped the essential oils directly on the sting. Oh the relief!!! It was amazing just how fast the pain subsided. Which is why I decided to post this for you.

What’s In Your Cabinet

There are several essential oils I have on hand at all times. Lavender oil and tea tree oil are just two of the at least several dozen. There is a movie called My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I love that movie. In it the father sprays Windex like it’s an essential oil. Lavender is my Windex. When in doubt, I start there.

I get my essential oils from Butterfly Express – a local outfit that ships internationally.

Lavender Offcinalis Essential Oil