So you can’t get a face mask these days right? What are you going to do? Well make one of course! After all aren’t American’s known for the “Can Do” motto? Let’s look at how to make a face mask with what you have available.

If you have a sewing machine that will make some of these easier. Some of these face mask options can be made without a sewing machine.

How To Make A Face Mask – Easy Sewing Machine Option

She uses 2 pieces of material. The piece closest to the face she is using flannel. If you don’t have scrap material around then you can use old tee shirts or even button down shirts and don’t forget about old sheets. Especially the old flannel sheets. In fact you can order then on Amazon still. Check out the selection of flannel sheets here

DIY Face Mask – Hartnana Style

This is the DIY face mask style we made at our house to get us through this crisis. They are fairly straight forward. We used left over fat square we had around from making hair bows. Really any old material will do for this project. And it doesn’t take much material to make these. We also used baggie ties for the wire.

We also did not find the elastic until later so we used string and in my daughters case she makes cord out of embroidery thread for making bracelets.

How to make a homemade mask
Sarah (my daughter) in her homemade mask

How To Make A Face Mask Without A Sewing Machine

Okay this is hands down the easiest way to make a face mask!!! All you need is a bandana and two big rubber bands.

It you don’t have a bandana you can cut up old shirts, sheets, towels, pants, what ever you have around. The best part about these homemade face masks, in my opinion, is that they are reusable! Throw them in the wash and the soap n water will make them safe.

While these are not going to keep you from getting a virus, they might keep you from getting a full on inoculation thereby giving you a little more time for your body to ramp up its defenses. Speaking of which, you might want to check out this article on preparing for corona virus

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