The first homemade shaving soap recipe features the traditional soap in a container with a brush applicator. This recipes comes from the soap queen

She explains how to make this homemade shaving soap recipe in this video. You might want to try our easy and forgiving soap recipe first before attempting this one.

What You’ll Need:
four 8 oz wide mouth containers
2.3 oz. Avocado Butter
3.5 oz. Castor Oil
1.2 oz. Cocoa Butter
4.6 oz. Coconut Oil
4.6 oz. Palm Oil
6.9 oz. Rice Bran Oil
3.2 oz. Sodium Hydroxide Lye
6.5 oz. Distilled Water (15% water discount)
1 tsp. Sodium Lactate
0.4 oz. Spearmint Essential Oil
0.6 oz. Patchouli Essential Oil
1 Tbs. Bentonite Clay
Optional: Shaving Brush

homemade shaving soap recipe that makes a good lathering soap and allows the blade to glide over your skin.

To get the Old Spice scent use equal parts sandalwood and allspice essential oils instead of the spearmint and patchouli essential oils.

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Homemade Shaving Soap Recipe That Works Best Wet

Only three ingredients are used to create this luxurious homemade shaving cream that Melody Joy shared over on  her blog

Only 2 ingredients plus water to make this super luxurious homemade shaving cream recipe.

homemade soap recipe


1 cup Dr. Bronner’s almond liquid castile soap (or your choice, but almond is fab)!
1 1/2 cups water
3/4 cup baking soda

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Stick blender
Stock pot (8 quart or larger)
Rubber spatula
Slotted spoon
Small mixing bowl
Pint size jar (wide mouth)

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STEP 1: Combine all ingredients in the stock pot and cook. Heat over medium-high, stirring slowly and consistently until a plume of foam reaches to just below the rim of the pot. (Watch carefully! This only takes a couple minutes). Turn off heat and remove the pot to an empty sink (in case it foams over, which I’ve had happen and it’s rather a mess).

STEP 2: Allow the mixture to cool for about 4 hours. As it cools, the plume of foam will shrink down to a sticky thick crust with a shallow watery substance separated and hanging out at the bottom of the pot.

STEP 3:Scoop the solids into a bowl. Using a slotted spoon, collect the sticky mass of solids into the small mixing bowl. Discard the leftover watery substance that remains. (This substance has lost it’s poop and it isn’t good for much. I tried using it on dishes and the result were sad. Somehow, all the soapiness and lathering action is captured in the thick paste, so what’s left is anti-climatic).

STEP 4: Whip it. Place about half of the cooled mixture into a wide-mouthed pint-size jar. Using the stick blender, whip the mix, moving the mixer up and down until you have a thick, rich cream that looks like something you’d glob onto a dessert. I like to use the stick blender and pint jar this way, because it just seems to work best for creating the right texture (very much like traditional shaving cream). The stick blender also makes for easy clean up.

STEP 5: Store and enjoy. Store your shaving cream in a separate pint-size jar, or the same one you used for mixing. You can keep your jar of shaving soap in your shower, but keep it sealed when not in use so it doesn’t dry out. It’s best used within two weeks, but it will last much longer. Over time, it may settle and become a bit stiffer than at first. You can try swiftly stirring it up with just a finger (you may be amazed at how well this creams it up again). Or you could simply give it another whiz with the stick blender to make it good as new.


4 Ingredient DIY Homemade Shaving Cream Recipe

Rachel Hollis offers this easy to make homemade shaving cream recipe as a fast last minute DIY father’s day gift idea. Personally I think this works great for any occasion – maybe even mother’s day?


4 ingredients to make a luxurious homemade shaving cream recipe.



1 cup Shea Butter

1/2 cup Coconut Oil

1/2 teaspoon Jojoba Oil

25 drops of Bergamot Essential Oil

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First, soften Shea Butter (it is very hard in natural form)

Add Shea Butter and Coconut Oil to large mixing bowl.

Add Jojoba and Bergamont oils to bowl.

Using a hand mixer, mix all ingredients for 10 minutes. (This will create a light, whipped texture).

Store in an air tight container.

Brandee’s Chic Tip: The key to getting a light, whipped texture is by letting the Shea soften. You can also whip Shea butter with a hand mixer in it’s natural form, but it will result in a thicker, creamier texture that is a little harder to spread evenly over skin.

Three Homemade Shaving Soap Recipes

These three recipes should offer  at least one alternative to enjoying a natural shaving experience. These work perfectly well for men and women. They also make perfect gifts or additions to a gift basket.

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