When it comes to homemade goats milk soap recipes without lye melt and pour bases are our friends. Because the base soap has already been created, taking the nasty ole lye part out of the equation, we can focus on making soap fun.

All of these homemade goats milk soap recipes without lye start with the same base.

Goats Milk Soap BAseGoats Milk Soap Base


There are a few other things you will need for making homemade goats milk soap recipes without lye too. You need soap molds for sure and a few other odds n ends you might want would be:

  • Essential Oils
  • Colorants
  • Additives like flower parts, ground up almonds (almond flour), ground oatmeal, tea particles, coffee grounds, even charcoal.

Homemade goats milk soap recipes without lye for beginners. #homemadesoapforbeginners #homemadesoap #naturalsoapmakingforbeginners @hart_nana

With these few things and an imagination the sky is the limit!


Skin Safe Liquid Soap DyeSkin Safe Liquid Soap DyeNatural soap colorantsNatural soap colorantsNatural soap colorants SamplerNatural soap colorants SamplerOzera 6 Cavities Silicone Soap MoldOzera 6 Cavities Silicone Soap MoldRectangular Silicone Soap MoldRectangular Silicone Soap Mold10 Soap Molds Square Silicon10 Soap Molds Square Silicon2- 6 Cavity Silicone Flower Soap Mold2- 6 Cavity Silicone Flower Soap Mold8 Essential Oils Set8 Essential Oils Set14 Essential Oils Set14 Essential Oils Set

Phew, now we are ready. Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact stuff, all brand new. I started making homemade soap by melting down shards of soap and then reforming them into a variety of shapes. Here is a recipe that you can make with stuff you have hanging around so long as you grabbed your goats milk soap base from Amazon, JoAnnes or Michaels.

A couple notes about melt and pour soaps. You do still need to let them harden. But you don’t need to worry about curing. Curing is the process needed to make sure the whole soponification process has been completed and that there isn’t random lye still in the soap.

Orange & Cinnamon Goats Milk Soap Recipes Without Lye

  • Goats Milk Soap Base
  • Orange Essential Oil
  • Cinnamon
  • A Soap Mold

Chop the base up and melt it in the microwave or in a double boiler. I go for the microwave as it is faster & less hassle. Once the base is melted add in about ten drops of orange essential oil per pound of base melted. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon (more if you’d like, or less). Then pour the mixture into your soap mold. After a day or two remove from the mold and let harden for a couple weeks.

Note about soap molds. You can spend money on them but seriously the only thing you need to remember is that they can’t be aluminum. Cardboard is fine. You also need to be able to remove the soap from the mold once it is set. For that wax paper works great. This is why silicon is so popular. Can I tell you how much I love my purple insert for the rectangular wood box mold I finally acquired? So much easier to remove the soap to cut.


homemade goats milk soap recipes without lye require the perfect soap mold. The secret is in the silicon! #soapmakingforbeginners #natural soap making for beginners #homemade soap #soap mold @hart_nana

Lavender Goats Milk Soap Recipe

  • Goats Milk Soap Base
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Lavender Buds

Melt the soap base. Add about 10 drops of essential oil per pound of base. Add a table spoon per pound of base (or more if you’d like) to the mixture. Pour into molds. Let dry for a couple weeks

Lavender goats milk soap recipes for beginners. This homemade soap recipe without lye is perfect for beginners. #soapmakingforbeginners #homemadesoap #naturalsoapmaking @hart_nana

Let’s see some pros add the extra touches that can make your homemade goats milk soap recipes without lye special and uniquely yours.

Lavender melt and pour with swirls. Kind of an interesting soap


Pretty n Peach Plumeria

Sea Bar Melt & Pour

This gal is a professional soap maker so don’t get scared off by her industrial size stuff. She will show you how to add layers and get additives to suspend.

You can substitute goats milk soap base for glycerin or even plain soap bases. You can even combine the different soap bases in layers. Making homemade soap without having to mess with lye is as simple as starting with a base. Once you get comfortable with this you might want to try your hand at cold process. Hartnana’s goat milk soap recipe is super easy and forgiving. A great place to start.