Secrets To Making Artisan Bread Better Than Store Bought

How to make a Sourdough Boules – the Basics

A sticky dough as well.
*70% Hydration
*2% Salt

Quick links to finding the right tools

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Sour Dough Starter


Danish Dough Whisk

Proofing Baskets

Rack for resting

Kitchen scale

Bread lame – cool knife for making the slits in your bread

Recipe Used In This Video

275g Warm Water
500g Poolish Sourdough Starter
400g Bread Flour
100g Whole Wheat Flour
15g Salt

artisan bread

Click the button to get step by step directions to make Basil Garlic Black Pepper Bread


  1. heritage5151

    Can this dough be made in a bread machine

    • Nana

      I never use a bread machine but think you might not get the results you are hoping for. Artisan breads are a little messing around then lots of waiting. Kind of every time you go by you turn it on all sides then let it rest.

  2. Diane Janisko

    Do you grease the inside of the Dutch oven?

    • Hartnana

      Nope, just dump it right on in there. It won’t stick if your dutch oven is well seasoned.

  3. Anat

    Could this beautiful bread being baked without a Dutch Oven? Just on a baking rack?

    • Hartnana

      Yep. You can make this on a rack with a pan – cast iron is best. Put some water in a hot pan underneath when you put the bread in to get the steam action a dutch over provides

  4. Carol

    How long do you let it rest after the loaf has been formed please?

    • Hartnana

      About 15 to 30 minutes or so depending on how warm it is where you are proofing

  5. Carrie

    Could this bread be baked in a slow cooker?

    • Hartnana

      I haven’t tried it that way. I am not sure his it would work. If you decide to experiment let us know his it turns out please


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