So, for my birthday, I decided to really dive into artisan bread making and bought myself (from my family, of course) several bread baking gadgets. My father in Law, however, took home the “best gift ever” prize when he gave me a Danish Dough hand whisk.

Of course when I was purchasing my other artisan bread making tools, I saw the Danish dough hand whisk advertised as an add on. But thought, why bother, I’ve got wooden spoons. Man was I mistaken! This is totally the best tool for bread making since sliced bread.


You might be thinking, as I was, why bother, so let me tell you why you should care.

danish dough hand whiskThese handy little, very well built and sturdy tools, work like a whisk on the sponge. You know that kind of soupy stage that a regular whisk would work great for but a) it isn’t strong enough or long enough to do the job properly and b) it is yet another thing you are going to have to wash later. Have I mentioned I don’t have an electric dishwasher? I actually wash all of my dishes by hand and prefer it that way.

When you get to the addition of more flour, where you really do need something sturdy and long handled, like a solid wooden spoon or an electric mixer, this is where the Danish Dough Whisk really shines.  Because these are so well built they incorporate flour so readily it will blow you away. Well, it blew me away anyway. I was expecting the dough to stick to the wood, or be an issue with the whisk end, but no!

Over on Amazon, where my Father in Law purchased mine, there are over 160 reviews of this little puppy.  Over 80% of those reviews are five star. Believe me when I tell you, if you are into making yummy, homemade, real artisan bread, you are going think this is the best ten bucks you ever spent.

Where to Find Your Danish Dough Hand Whisk


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It isn’t just me that thinks the Danish dough hand whisk is the cat’s meow. You can read some of the very many positive reviews over at Amazon by clicking here.

This is available for Prime shipping too – always a plus in my world.

Because the handle is made of wood, it probably isn’t a good idea to run this through the dishwasher or leaving it soaking in water. Just a quick run under the faucet with a bit of soap and a stiff brush will have it clean in no time.

I wanted to show this Danish dough hand whisk with a whole loaf of my artisan bread, sigh, it gets eaten as fast as I make it!



Sure I have an Electric Stand Mixer, that I almost never use. Well, that’s not true, I don’t use it for making bread or cookies. I do use it for processing deer and elk during hunting season and making hamburger. Did I mention that this Danish dough hand whisk works amazingly well for cookies too? Yep, sure does.

Danish Dough Whisk

That brings the number of items you are cleaning when making bread and cookies WAY down. If you are a fan of Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day you won’t even be cleaning the mixing bowl.

Truly you owe it to yourself to splurge on the Danish dough hand whisk if you are into baking at all. You simply can’t beat the price.

danish dough whisk



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