Now that you have successfully created and molded your soap you might be wondering how to cut homemade soap into bars. You don’t want them to crumble or to be too gooey right?

When it comes to how to cut homemade soap into bars there are just a few things you need to remember. These few things will help you achieve uniformity with your soap bars.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you need to cut your soap at about the 24 hour mark. Make your soap one day and then make sure you can cut it the next. At this point the soap should cut smoothly without crumbling.

Now about your choices of tools to use for how to cut homemade soap

Soap makers have all kinds of ideas about items to use when it comes to cutting homemade soap. Some use guitar strings (the wire ones). Some use a butcher knife. A knife featuring a flat cutting surface works better then one that wedges from the cutting edge towards the top of the knife. And still others use specialty items like a crinkle knife or cookie cutters.

how to cut homemade soap

Here is a demonstration of how to cut homemade soap with a crinkle knife



You will notice she only marks on one side. In order to get even strokes, mark your soap on both sides then slide the crinkle knife down between them. That will ensure even bars.

If  you are going to use a guitar string or a flat blade knife you might want to have a cutting block. This works especially well if you are molding your soap in rectangular molds.


Jan shares how she makes this super cool soap cutter. Be sure to watch all the way to the end as she talks about what she would have done differently and demonstrates her success.

how to cut homemade soap into bars

You can even use this on a round roll of soap if you used pvc to create your soap with.

Should you desire to use cookie cutters to cut your soap, you will want to pour the soup out rather thin. You can do this using a soup box lined with wax paper. Make sure  your cookie cutters have big designs rather than small intricate bits to them. Some people use these to top other pieces of soap.

how to cut homemade soap into bars

Of course you could always use a mold like I did with these 10 minute jelly soaps.

DIY homemade soap - 10 minute jellies





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