Yes, the Coronavirus is bad. There are some homestead hacks for surviving a pandemic that we will look at from a practical point of view. No reason to panic but there is a big difference between preparing as best you can with the information you have and deciding to ignore what is happening around you. In my world view it is better to be prepared and not need it then to need things and not be prepared. In the later case you are simply adding to the problem.

What We Know About The Coronavirus

We know that it is a virus and it is spread pretty easily. Could it be a bioweapon? Yeah, there is some evidence that supports that. Ultimately it is a flu virus that is pretty nasty. It can be spread before you know that you are sick. And it is still contagious after you feel better!

From what we see coming out of China, it looks like unless you require a respirator, you might have to weather this storm at home.

Surviving the Coronavirus Pandemic

Like most viruses one needs to ride it out. The single most effective thing one can do now is to get their immune system in the best shape possible. Get good sleep. In case you don’t know 80% of your immune system is in your gut. Pay attention to eating quality food and probiotics. Drink good water. Make sure you are getting vitamin D & K. This will help you sleep better. Try not to stress out about this. Stress only makes things worse. Most people do not die from this. Even if the death rate is 15% that means 85% survive!

Work on making sure you and your family are in the best position to make it through.

If Someone Gets Sick

If someone comes down with the Coronavirus , or any flu like symptoms. Such things as coughing, achy, upset stomach, diarrhea, are all symptoms. Isolate them right away. Put them in a room away from everyone else. If you can designate a bathroom just for them, do that too. If you have masks, have them wear the mask when you go into the room. Try to open windows, if it is practical, to get some circulation of outside air into the room. In the winter we like to close everything off, so we all end up breathing the stale air.

Natural Resources For Fighting Virus

There have been some suggestions that hydroxycloroquine in combination with a z-pack and zinc might be effective in fighting this disease. Medcram suggests that cloroquine drives zinc into the cells and disrupts the production of the RNA virus. Cloroquine is a drug designed to fight malaria. Tonic water has quinine in it. At our house we have been drinking tonic water and taking 100mg of zinc anytime we feel a cold or illness coming on. (Gin and Tonics we originally a malaria tonic invented by the British)

Diffusing the Situation

Put a diffuser in their room and diffuse , Breezy (which you can find here) and Spice -C You can find that here. I use Spice C on everyone else in the house. Designate one person who goes in and helps. If you are sharing a bathroom, the helper person must go in and disinfect the bathroom every time the sick person goes in there. Rubbing Alcohol, lysol wipes, bleach are all things that normally kill off virus germs. Make sure you have a descent stock of them.

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Things To Pick Up Now While They Are Available

Get germ killing stuff such as bleach, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, vodka, Lysol spray, colloidal silver, gloves and some type of mask (here is an article about how to make face masks with what you have on hand) and lots of tissues and toilet paper. (and paper towels) and laundry soap. If you can’t find masks, I suspect that a bandana doubled over with a layer of cotton between would be better than nothing and is washable. Get a few. Make sure the person going in to help the sick, has goggles that are left at the door or put into disinfectant bucket before going into the house and the gloves should be by the door also, and your shoes, there should be sick person shoes. The shoes you only wear into the room.

Also get the normal flu stuff to make you feel better. Ibuprofen, NyQuil, (if you chose to use that). Get a humidifier. and stock up on chicken soup.

Treating the Sick

Everything that comes out of the room needs to be sterilized. Use plastic silverware and paper dishes that can be thrown out or better yet, burned. Wear one shirt over your clothes and a pair of overalls or baggy pants over your normal clothes to go into the room. If you want to get super anal about it your could put up a plastic barrier to go through inside the actual door. Keep the cleaning and entering supplies just outside the door in a “clean” area take the clothes off that you wore into the room with your gloves on and then those clothes go directly to the washing machine for a wash n dry. spray off the shoes with Lysol. Use hand sanitizer before and after putting on the gloves. And don’t forget to spay the googles.

When Should You See The Doctor

Providing this doesn’t overwhelm our medical system, it would be prudent to see the doctor only if the disease becomes an emergency. An emergency in my book is anything that is life threatening. Shortness of breath, disorientation because of fever, heart problems, things like this are medical emergencies. Seek out professional help.

When Should You Hunker Down

While as I write this, the chances of getting sick with Coronavirus are low according to CDC. Personally, if I see this starting to spiral out of control, meaning we start seeing communities of people getting sick, I will pull my family home. Even now, I think it is prudent to not venture out as much as possible.

Food – Do I Need Freeze Dried Food?

Normal people don’t do a whole bunch of freeze dried food in their every day diet. Personally I think you are better off finding a sale on soups, a couple big bags of rice, load up on pasta and potatoes. Soup poured over a bowl of rice is amazingly filling. It also makes the can of soup go much further. Most soups have meat and veggies in them. I like coffee, but if you are a big tea drinker, then make sure you have several extra boxes. (Tea is wonderful when you don’t feel well too). Don’t buy stuff you don’t normally use. And don’t forget your pets.

Grab some microgreens seeds while you’re at it and then you can have nutrient dense food anytime. We talk about how to grow microgreens here.

Final Thoughts on Surviving the Coronavirus

Prayer and positive thinking go a long way towards helping an individual survive just about anything. The single biggest recommendation I can give is DON’T PANIC – PLAN.

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