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Homemade Carpet Deodorizer

homemade carpet deoderizer

This is really simple and works wonderfully, I know as I have used it in my mini van. You remember how I use my mini van to move my goats around? You don’t?  Well, here is my “you might be a redneck story” about goats and my mini van.

So I don’t believe that my babies should be moved around in a pick up truck and I don’t have an animal carrier so I just pile them into my mini van when ever I need to move them about.  They are kind of like really big dogs except that they aren’t house trained. If I am carting them very far they do end up peeing or dropping berries at some point along the way.

The berries aren’t a big deal, just sweep them out when I get home, but the peeing does pose a problem.  Some times I will just open both doors to the van and use the hose on the carpet, other times I just this carpet deodorizer to absorb the smell, then once it all dries I vacuum it out.

Homemade Carpet Deodorizer

  • 1 box baking soda
  • 1/2 c borax
  • essential oil (or not) – 20 – 40 drops depending on your fragrance preference

Mix these together in a glass bowl then put them in a very clean plastic container with a wide opening dispenser. An old Parmesan cheese container works well or an old carpet deodorizer container that has been saved.

Baking soda soaks up bad things that get spilled on carpets too – like wine or colored juice or colored soda. This works especially well if  you get the soda on it quickly.

*you might want to be aware that if  you use this on your carpets a lot, you could damage not only your carpet, but your vacuum as well.

This is a great video the shows how to use general household items to clean carpet stains!

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