The best DIY Mothers Day gift ideas are those designed to match your mom. Tailoring your mothers day gift to the things in life she enjoys will bring a smile to her face and joy to her heart.

While in my experience most moms love spa gift baskets, maybe your mom is different. Maybe your mom loves coffee or to cook or…CHOCOLATE. (Said with that slightly evil tone, under my breath. I LOVE chocolate, and coffee and cooking and spa gift baskets – and I’m a mom) So I feel qualified to give some advice here. Or at least some ideas to get you running.

DIY Mothers Day Gift Basket Ideas

When it comes to gift basket ideas, you don’t have to start with a traditional basket. Think outside the basket. I like to go to the thrift store and find cool containers. Sometimes I find metal boxes or trays to use as the container. Or you could start with an oversized coffee mug, picnic basket, mixing bowl, really the sky is the limit.

The goal is to find the basket/base that will match the feel of the rest of the “stuff” you are going to include. Here are some baskets already put together over on Amazon. Use them to get ideas to make yourself…


Easy DIY Mothers Day Gift Ideas

I like to use easy DIY mothers day gift ideas. Things like an interesting popcorn bowl with bags of microwave popcorn. Maybe a gift certificate to your local movie theater or a gift card to amazon for a movie rental or to. Perhaps you throw in some juju beans or what ever she loves in the candy department.

Wine, cheese and crackers or bread also make a great basket. Don’t forget some lovely stem ware. And maybe a couple cloth napkins and a candle? These could go in a picnic basket that you find at a local thrift store or garage sale foraging.

Homemade Soap Ideas

Homemade soap is my go to thing because I make it. Sometimes I will find interesting soap dishes and use that for the basket.

Don’t Forget Coffee

What mom doesn’t love coffee? Okay well I know a few who aren’t great fans, but I think they could be if they were allowed to indulge. This is an easy DIY mothers day gift to put together.

Find a great coffee blend. Add a funny or sentimental mug. maybe a few chocolates or biscotti – homemade is DaBomb. Voila, there you have it, a gift that will be treasured for sure! Maybe you nestle it in a new bathrobe?


Unique Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Here is a list of unique mothers day gift ideas that you can adjust for your own mom.

Gift certificates for:

  • movies
  • dinner at her favorite restaurant
  • pedicure
  • manicure
  • massage
  • babysitting
  • cleaning service

Garden in a Pot

Put together a beautiful potted plant. Take care in selecting the pot and plants. This year I am getting a lemon/lime tree in a beautiful container that will move in and out of the house.

If your mom likes flowers you could get her a selection for her garden or a potted flower for her house to enjoy all year. Jasmines do well inside and out. And smell divine!

Final Thoughts On DIY Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Ultimately, anything you give your mom will be appreciated. Taking the time to find something that is personal is, as American Express puts it, priceless.

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